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We conduct a variety of assessments focusing on observation and analysis.  We provide data-driven results in thorough reporting formats.  Don't see the assessment you need?  Reach out and start a conversation with us about other options.

Assessments can be done across settings, as part of an IEP or through second-opinion options.  Sample reports are available.  We pride ourselves on providing thorough reports including suggested goals, function-based intervention and supporting literature review.  Assessments are completed within 4-weeks. 
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This assessment leads to a function based assessment of severe problem behavior, such as self-injurious or physically aggressive behaviors.  This assessment is completed in the clinic and includes a thorough interview with caregivers or stakeholders, followed by ethical and safe assessment to determine the contingencies reinforcing problem behavior.   A final report is provided discussing assessment results and suggested treatment plan. 

Please note, that treatment implementation requires an individual trained in skill-based treatment methods.  An implementation contract is available.

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We've been completing Verbal Behavior assessments since 2011.  The VB-MAPP is an appropriate assessment for any age with individuals who do not yet have an effective mode of communication.  The assessment takes between 2 and 6 hours in our center, across sessions, depending on the individual's current communication skills.  Our assessment also incorporates communication partners.  The final report outlines the results, suggests goals and interventions, and provides suggestions to communication partners.  The assessment can be completed within 2 weeks. 
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